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Broken Tooth

Before: Child arrived with a broken tooth.

Solution: Preserved existing tooth with Composite Bonding instead of a Crown; a Holding Treatment until patient was older. 


Before: A Registered Dental Assistant arrived with a filling done less than a year ago by a dentist in a prominent practice nearby. The old composite and decayed tooth had not been removed. She was told she needed a Crown and a Root Canal ($3,500 est. cost).

Solution: Instead of a crown, I was able to do a large multi surface composite restoration and a pulp cap. This helped to delay or avoid a root canal and a crown. The hand-crafted composite "crown" and pulp cap allowed the patient to go home with her NATURAL tooth while saving $2,700! In addition to the financial savings, the client avoided treatments that often weaken teeth. All work done in one day.

See her review on Yelp. 


Before: Patient arrived with fractured teeth. Was by other dentists that he needed porcelain veneers or crowns.

Solution: Preserved existing teeth with freehand Cosmetic Bonding and a Pulp Cap to prevent a Root Canal. 
Final result looks amazing and all completed in a single visit.



Before: Patient arrived with tooth damage. 

Solution: Instead of grinding down the tooth for a porcelain veneer, the tooth was preserved using freehand Composite Bonding. Restoration completed in one visit and the end result is flawless!  




Before: Patient was dissatisfied with the appearance of her smile due to previous crown and bridge work. 

Solution: Replaced with new crown, porcelain veneers, and new implant crown. She cried when she saw how good she looked!


Before: Patient arrived for a second opinion after being told he needed a Root Canal and a Crown (about $3,000).

Solution: Bleached his teeth and placed a freehand Cosmetic bonding (est cost ~ $700!). 

See his review on Yelp.


Before: Patient arrived after his rusty implant and crown fell out (holding it in his hand!). Existing crowns and porcelain veneers were defective and mis-aligned.

Solution: Replaced with new implant and crown, re-did existing crowns and porcelain veneers which straightened his smile. 



Before: Patient came in with missing front tooth and decay.

Solution: Restored her smile with freehand Composite Bonding and a new Implant Crown. She was thrilled with the incredibly natural looking result!


Before: Patient arrived with a decayed, fractured tooth.

Solution: Restored his smile with a single implant crown.



Before: Young woman arrived with discoloration, decay, and large cavities.

Solution: Restored with freehand Composite Bonding. All work done in one visit! She couldn’t believe the outcome! 



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